Black Trash Can Pilfered from 1648 Pacific Avenue

Blackie stolen from 1648 Pacific Avenue this morning

It was a disturbing sight for Firehouse 8 owner, Gavin J, this morning when where there should have been three cans waiting for the weekly ‘bringing in the cans’ ritual there were only two. The black bin (A.K.A “Blackie”) was missing from her usual prime position on the right hand side of the threesome of bright, sleek new models from SF Recology. A smaller model at only 15 gallons she was nonetheless well able to keep up with the load from Firehouse 8 alongside her sister green and blue cans. Gavin commented: ‘You start by denying the sight before your eyes, blaming yourself (I should have been there earlier) and then getting angry at the bastards that rolled her away. To some extent I just hope she has gone to a good home.’

The owners are asking the public to keep a eye out for Blackie and to forward any information regarding her whereabouts to She is emblazoned with a distinctive ‘1648 Pacific Avenue’ white permanent tag on the upper lid.

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